How to Write Your Online Dating Profile

So there you are, staring at a dating website that seems to want your life story. What do you write? Are there certain things that should be left out? Should you enhance some of the facts? Here are a few tips that will help you create the most perfect online dating profile as possible.

1. Be confident and not afraid to show it!

Let’s face it- you have joined an online dating site to put yourself on the “dating market” for others to peruse through and choose a person of their liking. This is not to say you are for sale, but yet you are competing against others. This is the last place you want to be modest or humble about your strengths and positive characteristics. In other words, if you have a beautiful smile with bright, white teeth- by all means, shout it! This is not the time or place to be shy.

2. Try to give off an enthusiastic vibe!

It is obvious is someone is looking to meet another person on a dating site they are obviously looking for new excitement in their life. Why would someone want to meet a dull character that is only going to add to the boringness of their day? Try to express yourself as enthusiastically as possible. When writing descriptions and blurbs about yourself, try to use adjectives and examples. Don’t say, “I like to go walking.” Rather say, “I enjoy brisk nightly walks while rockin’ out to Oprah’s iPod playlist”…. Or something to that effect!

3. Honestly breeds success when it comes to online profiles!

How will you ever have an honest relationship with a person you meet online if the whole relationship is built on a foundation of lies? Now that may have sounded a bit harsh, but it is true that one lie leads to another. If you start out with what seems like a simple life where you attended college, it can only lead to larger and more complicated stories. Before you know it, you will feel fraudulent and just want to end the relationship. What would be the point of lying? You want someone that likes you for who you are, not who you think they are looking for!