Online Dating Tips

The social networking capabilities on the internet have made online dating a rapidly-growing industry.  Advanced search optimization and keyword matching features have made possible the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests.  At the same time, it is important that one be aware of the numerous features that online dating services have to offer.  Without a doubt, it is crucial that one take the time to research some of the more popular internet dating services to see which ones are more favorable.  Here is a list of ten tips to consider before subscribing to an online dating service:

1. Find Out How Many Active Members Belong to a Service

Many internet dating services today promote their statistics by claiming that there are “X number of members using our service.”  While some of these figures may be appealing, the real number that is worth noting is the total active membership.  This figure is a better estimation of the number of users that are logging in on a regular basis.  In general, the greater the number of active members, the more likely it is that a match will be found.

2. See if the Online Dating Service Utilizes Keyword-Matching Technology

Many of the popular internet dating services have integrated keyword searching into their database.  Think of it like a Google search that pulls up results based on keywords you submit.  It should be noted that the keyword searches generate results based on the frequency of a term is a member’s profile.  In other words, someone who submits a search term will be provided with results based on the number of times that search term appears in another member’s profile.

3. Look for Flexible Subscription Plans

Many of the internet dating services’ ultimate goal is to match a user with a perfect mate.  Given this objective, it is only logical that a particular subscriber look to remain an active member for a certain period of time.  Fortunately, some of the more notable online dating services offer monthly subscription packages, giving users the flexibility of limited obligation.  Users can easily choose a subscription plan, and at the end of the plan cancel the service if desirable.

4. See What Media and Communication Features are Available

Certain dating programs have limitations on the number of photos that can be uploaded to a profile.  In addition, a messenger service may or may not be included in the subscription package.  Moreover, certain services do not allow communication via e-mail until a particular subscription level is purchased.  These features all increase the probability of finding a successful match.  While it is becoming more common for these features to be included, it is always wise to make sure beforehand that they are offered.

5. Take Privacy Into Consideration

There is no way telling who is viewing your profile.  Therefore, it is vital that no confidential or personal information that could lead to future harm be displayed on a profile.  For instance, location should not be more specific than a town, and listing an address is not recommended.  It is no secret that the web has made possible the