How to Choose an Online Dating Site

While we have selected what we believe to be the best of the good online dating sites out there, we thought we would give you some basic tips to help you choose on your own. Internet dating services are popping up all over the web.  As a result, it may be difficult when choosing which service to purchase.  Fortunately, there are a number of factors that can distinguish a certain online dating service from its competitors.  These factors should be taken into consideration prior to subscribing.  Bear in mind that an internet dating service subscription requires effort; most members who see results log in on a daily basis and maintain contact with matching results.  Therefore, it is vital that the necessary research be conducted beforehand to ensure that all benefits are received.  Here is a basic breakdown on some of the factors that ought to be considered:

Number of Members

This statistic is probably the utmost important when determining what internet dating subscription to purchase.  Certain dating services have tens of thousands of members joining each day, and simple math will demonstrate that as membership base increases, the probability of finding a match will also increase.  In addition, there is a handful of dating services that have over four million total members.  Some of these services even have an international presence, which is an extremely appealing feature for a potential subscriber.  Finally, though total membership is always worth considering, active memberships are probably more indicative of the popularity of a particular service.


Many view the cost of internet dating as a substitute for certain social activities.  Consequently, it comes as no surprise that the monthly subscription cost of an online dating service is a significant factor.  Increased competition in the market has driven down a lot of the monthly subscription costs.  Furthermore, some of the more notable services will offer a free trial period to get a preview of the type of service that is being offered.  In these cases, not all of the features are usually available during the trial period, which is why it may be important to be open-minded about what service to purchase.

Features and Credibility

Nobody is going to subscribe to an internet dating service that does not have considerable features.  Some of the most common features that are known to be effective in finding a match include instant messaging, photo uploading, e-mail, and keyword searching.  Most of these internet dating programs state that the ultimate goal is to generate a match that leads to a future relationship.  The services that have had success do not hesitate to post the figures on the web site indicating how many matches have gone on to have a lasting relationship.  In addition, some of these services include expert testimonies on their site which provide analysis not only from subscribers but also sociology professionals.  The value of these testimonies should be considered noteworthy, and they can definitely be recognized as a selling point.